1. In case you missed it, we got @tramlines earlybirds with no booking fee. Come and get ‘em. (at Sheffield City Centre)

  2. Burgers at @theharleysheffield til four in the morning. @twistedburgerco, you are our dream babes. 🍔👊💯 (at Twisted Burger Company)

  3. Did someone say ‘Rocktober’? (at Sheffield City Centre)

  4. Shift-workers, insomniacs and hopeless party-goers take note: @theharleysheffield and @twistedburgerco are gonna get you fed til four in the morning. Hell. Yes. 👍🍔👊💯

  5. So, we’re all gonna go watch the ultimate surfing movie in the Spiegeltent on Saturday, right? The Endless Summer with live soundtrack by Bristol surf-rock band The Rumble O’s. Oh. Yes. (at Sheffield City Centre)

  6. My toddler’s handwriting stinking up the place at the Spiegeltent. #lefthandedproblems

    Tonight, GIRLS TO THE FRONT 👊 (at Sheffield City Hall)

  7. Next up from us in the Spiegeltent: screening the totally awesome Kathleen Hanna doc The Punk Singer tomorrow night. £4 on the door. (at Sheffield City Centre)

  8. Tomorrow night in the Spiegeltent on Barkers Pool. Doors at 8pm, advance tickets still available with no booking fee from @theharleysheffield (at Sheffield City Centre)

  9. The BEST afternoon exploring Festival of the Mind at Castle House. 💯👍💪 (at Sheffield City Centre)

  10. Spiegeltent site visit. So fly.